I 've Written Before About How I Met My Wife Essay

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I’ve written before about how I met my wife, Georgette. We met on August 4, 1978, in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Midwest Federation Lebanese Convention. We were both 21 years old. I traveled to Indianapolis with a friend and when we walked into the hotel to check in, Georgette was walking through the lobby with her sister, Janet. My friend yelled out to them and introduced me to Georgette and her sister. We spent a few minutes talking to them and then checked into the hotel.
I knew who Georgette was before I was introduced to her. Every young man in the Lebanese community in Peoria knew who she was. Besides being stunningly beautiful, she had a reputation in the community for being a kind, generous, and fun-loving person. She had a magnetic personality that seemed to pull guys out of the woodwork.
During the two days that I was at the convention, every time I saw Georgette there were college-age men around her trying to impress her. I intentionally kept my distance the first day because I was concerned that if I gave her too much attention, she would lump me in with all the other guys who were trying to impress her.
On both Friday and Saturday evening, there was a dinner and a dance. At the dances, there was a live band that played Lebanese music. Each night, the band played until midnight, and then a DJ took over and played American music.
On Friday evening, I only had a chance to have a brief conversation with Georgette. On Saturday morning, I ran into her in the lobby…

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