I 've Been Spending Most Of My Time With Craig Essay

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I’ve been spending most of my time with Craig, now that Kenny and Tweek are constantly together. Craig and I were sitting on my bed while he was smoking another cigarette. Bebe’s parents went on another vacation and trusted their daughter.
“I don’t want to see those people, even if it’s to get fucking smashed. I’m not feeling great.” Craig drawled as he blew smoke from his mouth.
I shook my head in agreement. The rumor mill around school is that literally everyone at South Park High was going. Kenny even talked Tweek into it. Being the head cheerleader and unspoken queen of the school, everyone flocked towards her.
“Why doesn’t Kenny just give us the beer?” Craig thought aloud. “He has all that money suddenly and slides right up to Bebe…”
“It’s to make more money dude, that’s what Kenny is all about, he’s capitalistic.” I pointed out to Craig. He also most likely, wanted to fuck Bebe and helping her have the biggest party ever scored him more brownie points for the bedroom. I wouldn’t tell that to Craig, though.
Craig rolled his eyes. “Do you really think that? He told me he made a thousand dollars a couple of days ago, to me that sounds like he didn’t just continue the online shit without us.”
I just stared at Craig deciding not to answer him not sure what he was insinuating.
I changed the subject. “So we should get ready, Kenny said nine o’clock right?” Craig groaned in annoyance, I took that I was correct. We promptly left my empty house to be fashionably late.

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