I 'm On The Right Track, Baby, By Judith Cofer Essay

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“I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way.” This is in the chorus of one of my favorite songs by Lady Gaga called “Born This Way.” It is a self-empowerment tune that tells the listeners to accept themselves for who they are. In my childhood, I was exposed to a novel that changed my life. The Misfits by James Howe, like the Lady Gaga song, conveys a message of self-acceptance. Casa by Judith Cofer, similar to the first two pieces of work, has a theme of pride in one’s individuality. James Howe’s novel, which I am reminded of through the story Casa, helped me change from a kid that was ashamed of his quiet personality to one that embraces his introversion. For many years before reading this book, I always saw myself as an outcast. For the longest time, I was always that smart kid that never talks. People would always ask me, “why are you so quiet?” Honestly, I never quite knew the answer myself. Why was I not popular? How come I did not sit at the cool kids table? Why was I not the guy that everyone wanted at their birthday parties, or on their basketball team at recess? It really bothered me. In fact, I was always a little jealous of those who everyone knew and loved to talk to. I craved for that life so much that I even resorted to doing things that brought negative attention on me. For example, I got into a couple of stupid fights 5th grade year. People knew my name for awhile, but the irony is that I was still known as that silent guy. Overall, it was a real…

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