I Wonder If Titania Is Awake

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I wonder if Titania is awake
And what did she see,
That she will love deeply

[Enter Puck]
Here comes Puck , This crazy guy
What news do you have at this time?

Titania is in love with a monster!
These idiots were working on a play for Theseus and Titania’s wedding,
When the dumbest one playing Pyramus decided to wait for his cue in the bushes.
I decided it was a good opportunity to put a donkey’s head on him,
And when he went back on stage to talk to Thisbe,
Everyone saw the mask and got scared and ran away.
Everyone lost their common sense and started getting scared of everything!
When everyone finally left, Titania woke up and fell in love with an ass!

This plan is going to go so well,
But you did put
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The sadness only grows the less sleep you have.
I will give sleep a shot right here.

[He lies down and sleeps]

What have you done?!
You put the flower juice in someone else’s eyes
That was actually in love. Your mistake has turned
Someone’s love into bad love. Instead of this man’s
Fake love of turning into true love.

In that case, it has to be destian. That's the way it happened.
For every man who is loyal millions of other men are breaking promises one after another.

Go around the woods faster than the wind. You have to find Helena of Athens.
She is now very pale and lovesick from the tons of sighing she has been doing,
Sighing is very bad for the blood bring her to me by fooling her and I will charm on his eyes for when she comes

I go, I go look at me go!
Faster than an arrow shot from the bow of Tartar’s bow.

[Squeezing the juice on Demetrius eyes]
Sink into the pupil of his eye.
When he sees the girl he should love,
Let her shine more than the brightest star in the universe in his eyes
When you wake up, if she is nearby ask her to solve your deep love for

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