I Wish It Was Over In A Blink Analysis

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I Wished It Was Over In A Blink
Quite possibly the worst book I have read. This is coming from a girl who reads over a 100 books a year for the last six years that makes this serious. Malcolm Gladwell’s writing in this book was boring; there was nothing to break up the never ending word vomit. In the book it says the two main concepts are judgment and understanding, which I see it may be a wonky route to get there, and I may have had to pull over multiple times for a nap. However, I got what Gladwell was communicating. Gladwell was talking about how we use our subconscious or conscious mind tools to judge or understand a situation.
After reading three to four pages knew I that I would not enjoy this book, even though I had not read the whole book yet, my intuition told me this was not going to be one of my favorites. What happened to me here was rapid cognition I made a swift decision I would not enjoy it. Often referred to as “Thin-Slicing” thin-slicing is a loaded term, it takes context, personal bias’s, experiences, passions, the impression we get from someone, and the
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Thin-slicing is something we talk about in class quite frequently, something I do daily and every other mentally capable human being. What Gladwell had to say on bias’s and some of his examples are things you have talked about in class. We students I think in your class fall into the web of too much information and start to second guess ourselves. Also, he briefly touched on appearance and in class we have gone over how important appearance is. I found it comparable to Honest Truth About Dishonesty when it came to making decisions based on intuition or how we manipulate or decision-making process to make what we want to look like the right thing. They both have aspects that are comparable but then lead to different things Blink did not include dishonesty but rather focused utterly on the decision-making

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