Essay about I Was The Best Friend

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Three years ago, I went through a deep depression. I was emotional wreck because I lost my father. He did not die or anything but he was gone, he abandoned us. My mother was happy, but I was in pieces. My best friend Joanna helped me overcome my depression. Without her I would still be in profound sadness. She really did not do much but her presence was all I needed. When I was in tears, she made laugh. One time she came in the room and just hugged me. I needed that hug. It brought so much comfort to me because I knew I would always have someone by my side. That day I realized that in this world they are three different types of friends: the best friends, the friends and the occasional friends. The best friends are the friends that stick with you through good times and bad times. The friends are the people you interact with every day, but you are not close with. Last but not least are the occasional friends who you only see and talk to whenever they need something. We all have these three types of friends and these are the friends that we will keep interacting with for the rest of our lives. Best friends are for life. Simple as that, we all have a friend that we cannot live without. Best friends are always there not matter what the situation is. These are the people you hang out with all the time. They are very important for us, because we share with them some things which are secret things that are not being known by anybody. They are very generous people. For example,…

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