I Was Just A Kid With Dreams Essay

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By the time I was five, I was just a kid with dreams. I had vivid dreams, I was like every other child, living life like a fable. However, my point of view of life changed immediately, and I started to analyze what life is. March 1, 2005. This date may or may not be significant to others, but this is the date where my life transitioned to another perspective, and it depicts who I am now.
I never felt the urge of spilling my life story, but this date impacted me and for once I am able to express my deep emotions. It all started when I was five years old. By that time, I knew there wasn’t a father in my picture, just a single mom with financial struggles. Although we had our problems, a man came along into our lives and my Mom married him. I finally had a Dad but never had the connection to him. He was a good man, very responsible, but the father and son wasn’t there. He lived here in Fort Collins, but he was recently deported back to Chihuahua, Mexico. This is where we lived in the beginning. It never really interested me to move away from my beloved home. The only thing that stood out to me was the cold and white snow, I always wanted to see and play with snow, while the sun was glaring outside. It wasn’t really my choice to say whether I should go or not, it was mostly my Mom’s decision. However, this decision was going to change our lives.
It was warm day, my mom made the decision of moving to Colorado. She told my Grandparents, and they were mad. I didn’t have a clue of…

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