Essay I Was Born Into A Buddhist Family

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I was born into a Buddhist family. I was raised more than half of my life in a Buddhist family, and my parents were extremely religious. Buddhism has a tremendous contribution to the Thai culture; it is part of the Thais identity. To me, some of these practices never make sense. Therefore, I do not like the idea of this belief. For example, when people sinned, they often go to the temple and offer to monks so that their sin could be forgiven. I do not believe that you could buy your way into heaven or that your sin could easily be forgiven through bribery. Also, I was never able to find peace or happiness with this religion. These are few reasons why I did not follow my family tradition or consider myself a Buddhist.
I had a rough childhood, so I always wanted something more than just being able to go to haven; I wanted to be love. I grew up in a broken home full of violence and destruction. My father was abusive to my mother, which causes her to leave us when I was only three years old. Couple days after, my brother and I ended up living with our grandmother, while no one knows where my father went. My brother became aggressive and always hurt me physically and emotionally. The only thing I could remember about my childhood were pain, anger, and emptiness. Fast-forward to two years later, my mother asked my grandmother to send my brother and me to a boarding school. At my boarding school, I always noticed a status of a lady holding her baby and I did not realize who she…

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