I Was A Little Girl Essay examples

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When I was a little girl, I wished I had a family like the Cheerios commercial, a family where they all sat at the table eating breakfast and talking amongst each other.
But I did not. Or to go back: Growing up wasn’t easy for me; it was nothing like a fairytale as I wished it was now. My grandmother had custody of me; she did everything for me like a mother would do for her child. My mother was in and out of my life. She raised me till I was five years old; she was a great mom, at least that’s what my grandmother told me. Until she started to abuse drugs. I remember when I was a little girl, and we stayed in these apartments on Dresden Drive. I was four years old when I was caught walking down the street at three o’clock in the morning I was scared, lost, and cold.. I think I was looking for my mom but she wasn’t around so the next-door neighbor called my grandmother who was shocked. She had to leave her job early to come get me. After that, I was living with my grandmother. But my mom still came around to see me to check up on me and my eleven-year-old brother, Andrew. He was different. He stayed in trouble most of my life around the time my grandmother had been granted custody us, but it was a little too late for my brother because he had already seen everything my mom used to do with the drugs. Andrew was nosy, and he never listened to Mom. When she said, “Go in the room,” he would crack the door just to see what was going on and that is when he saw Mom…

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