I Read Was Always Running By Luis Rodrigues Essay

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The book I read was Always Running by Luis Rodrigues. The book was published in 1993 and it a memoir. This genre is set in America during the 1960’s to 1970’s, more specifically it is set in Los Angeles. Most of the book highlights gang life and inequalities in America, such as housing inequalities, racism and education. However, in the later of the book it focusses on the Chicano movement during the 1970’s. A common theme in Always running besides gang life is police brutality. In one of the primary documents about the rise of the black panthers Huey newton mentions that the police were impolite and would not hesitate to shoot and kill a black male even at time in the back. This reminded me of when Miguel was shot in the back by police officers in Always running and that led an enormous amount of violence and organization. The fact is although black and latino youth have differences in the racism we face, we still both face racism in our community. We both fight for the equality that we are not allowed to have because of institutionalized racism. As Bobby Seale says in the same section the city councils are part of America’s racist institutions which led to both our communities making our own groups. Chicanos were forced into making our own political groups and organization because we are given no representation. In my opinion if the Chicanos and the black people of this time period never were to organise, we would be in the same predicament we were then. If we were not…

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