I Observed A Well Designed Math Lesson From Mrs. Myers Bilingual Class

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1. I observed a well-designed math lesson from Mrs. Myers bilingual class. Before starting her lesson she did a review from the previous day. She started by discussing the number talk and asked the students what they remembered from the previous lesson. As a class, they all reviewed together. Mrs. Myers wrote the number 6 on the easel and represented the number with unifix cubes. She is teaching her students how to learn the number combinations that add up to 6. 0 For example, Mrs. Myers said if I have four cubes how many are behind my back and the students answered two. She would write the equation 4+2=6 on the broad. She asked other questions that would also equal 6 but allowed the students to come to the board and write the equations. Before she ended the “number talk 6” she questioned students about different ways 6 can be represented as a sum in an equation. Mrs. Myers introduced the lesson by stating the mathematic objective. The mathematic objective was “I can use objects and pictorial models to solve word problems”. Mrs. Myers broke apart the objective by asking students what are objects and pictorial models. This helped students to understand what exactly objects and pictorial models are and how they are used. Then she reviewed joining, separating, and comparing. She explained that they were going to read a problem together and figure out if the problem is asking about joining, separating, or comparing.
2. Mrs. Myers passed out dry erase boards, markers,…

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