I Look At The Landscape Of The Church Today Essay

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As I look at the landscape of the church today. I wonder if due to our declining numbers we have shifted our discipleship practices to respond more out of fear and less out of a sense of mission. Have our discipleship methods created more silos because we are responding to the increasingly less Christian culture around us? Instead, how we should be viewing discipleship more as an opportunity to equipping followers for the challenges of this unconnected to God culture. The German Pastor and was martyred at the hands of the Nazis once said, "the Church is the church only when it exists for others" what he meant was for outsiders.

Silo Thinking

In one of my previous congregations sometime in the fall is was time for the pastor to trick and guilt (00ps I mean encourage them to take on this opportunity to serve our Lord on our various dysfunctional boards and committees) members into filling positions of leadership in the church. I remember one time when I had decided gain some history as to how things had been done in the past, thinking that maybe there was a method that proved effective. My research uncovered a troubling bit of information. When I inquired if my then 80-year-old Financial Secretary how he got the opportunity to serve. He described a sad but I would discover a recurring tale of woe. The current Financial secretary went on vacation and asked him to cover for him while he was gone, but the guy never returned. So this poor fellow had been stuck with…

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