Essay about I Live With My Mother, Father, And Brother

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1. I live with my mother, father, and brother.

2. Parents’ occupation: Mother- She is a writer/poet who published one book and contributed in many anthologies. She is planning on releasing a few books soon.
Father- Senior Software Developer

3. College parents graduated from: My father first attended Pusan National University, South Korea and got his Bachelor’s in Physics. During this time in college he was in the Korean army. He then attended Kyungsang National University, South Korea and got his Master’s Education of Mathmatics. Lastly, he attended the University of New Haven and got his Masters in Computer Science 1998-2001.
My mother got her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Donga University, South Korea in Korean Literature.

4. In my house, I speak Korean and English. I speak Korean to my parents and maybe to some of my family and Korean friends and I speak English to my brother because he does not understand Korean well. I am fluent in both languages.

5. 5 adjectives that describes me/family: Friendly, giving, helpful, ambitious, skilled

6. My high school career has changed me a lot academically and socially. Academically, I had to study more and give up more of the little free time I have. Just because of my busy school schedule, I learned to plan out my life more efficiently and noticed I had to sacrifice many things on the way. From all my hard work put into school, I have achieved a few academic awards. I achieved many music awards and an…

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