I Know Why Maya Angelou Analysis

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On April 4th, 1928, a girl, who later becomes an inspiring author and woman of the performing arts, was born. Her name was Maya Angelou. Throughout her life, Maya faced racial discrimination and the effects of the Great Depression. However, this never stopped her from expressing herself through her writing.
Maya lived with her parents for 3 years at Long Beach, California before being sent her brother, Bailey, who was 4 at that time, to live with their father’s mother in Stamps, Arkansas. Their parents had recently ended their disastrous marriage and were in need of a place to send their children. Maya’s grandma, who they had called Momma, owned a general store called the Wm. Johnson General Merchandise Store. Maya would watch as Momma got
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It describes her childhood of living in a racist Stamps, Arkansas, which was commonly visited by the KKK, and the aftermath of the Great Depression. (Collier 3) “I Know Why…” was nominated for a National Book Award in 1970. Later, Maya Angelou came out with 2 new autobiographies named “Gather Together in My Name” and “Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry like Christmas.” These tell about Maya’s meeting of a lesbian couple who seemed to be “living the life,” and a woman named Holiday who said to Maya, “You want to be famous, don’t you? You’re going to be Famous. But it won’t be for singing.” Maya, at that time was about to release her new album “Miss Calypso.” (Als 1) At the end of writing “Gather Together…” Maya was invited by Martin Luther King to promote the S.C.L.C. She postpones this, but 5 weeks later King is assassinated on her birthday. Later Maya publishes 2 more autobiographies: “The Heart of a Woman” and “All God’s Children need Traveling Shoes.” In the nineties, Maya’s “wisdom books” are published, including “Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now” and “Even the Stars Look Lonesome.” Not only did Maya publish many books, she appeared in multiple movies and shows, also. These include Jean Genet’s “The Blacks,” Godfrey Cambridge’s “Cabaret for Freedom,” etc. Throughout her life, Maya was a very successful woman who published many famous books and starred in many

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