Essay on I Have Spent Through Storytelling

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In the semester that I have spent in Storytelling I have found one essential thing to reflect upon when pondering what has the class taught me. That one thing is learning is believing. This class is more about the learning of lessons of cultural story than the stories formal narrative. We learn to learn and I will explain that in the next few pages. The section has read many stories from this seminar. The topics touched involved race to religion and every other subject of the world we live in. Refugees and rambunctious teens just giving the world a completely 180 degree feel to our own lives. But the main lesson from all these stories is that a person who truly listens, will truly learn. We listen and intern learn. The learning will inform and guide us and that can lead our generations to create a more informed and less chaotic Earth. It’s a circle as old as storytelling itself. In every story, we as a class or an audience are here to sit, listen, and experience. This has an extreme effect on one’s actually perception of how we see the world because as we sit and fully become absorbed into the world of the narrative, we as the viewers place ourselves in that plot. We feel the effects on that character or person which allows for a new perspective on an event people may be exposed to later in life with information they already have due to the story. It’s important to understand that effect on a reader because those repercussions, we see more in depth and true feeling stories.…

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