I Have Discovered That Everyone Me Differently Essay

720 Words Nov 15th, 2016 3 Pages
Conducing the analysis, I have discovered that everyone including myself sees me differently. A persons point of view is going to be different on their public self, private self, and their ideal self. Mostly everyone wishes they could be different or like someone they know, also what someone does in their spare time they might not do in public which starts your focus on your private and public self. Someone’s private self is how they are when they’re alone. When I’m alone it gives me time to be more antisocial and more distant towards others. After a long day of work or school I need alone time, not because I want to be antisocial or distant towards my friends and family when I’m with them but because it’s healthy for a person to have their own space. In my point of view, if I’m stressed or if I’ve been around the same people for a long period of time I would rather be alone and a little more unfriendly than be hateful or come off rude to them. My private self is the complete opposite from my pubic self. I ask myself who I am and who I want to be when I’m alone, I have high expectations for myself and the abilities I have in life. Living with parents or grandparents that want you to do more than they did in life makes it hard. As I watch my mother struggle with something or how successful my grandparents are, it causes me to over think when I’m in class. Everyone wishes they were different in some ways even if they’re happy…

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