The Importance Of Conflict In Interpersonal Communication

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Although many people avoid conflicts at all costs, they are an important, and often necessary, part of interpersonal communication. If one avoids confronting someone with a problem and instead lets contempt fester, the relationship will suffer and may end. Conflicts have a reputation of bringing out the worst in people, however, this does not have to be the case. Conflicts can be resolved without much harm to anyone’s feelings if both parties are respectful and understand that while the other person does not see things as they do, they still have a right to their own viewpoints. Conflicts can be uncomfortable, but they often build stronger relationships. Different individuals have a wide variety of feelings and opinions when it comes to conflicts. …show more content…
I would prefer conversing with someone on a topic where we can come to an agreement easily and have a positive exchange. I do not enjoy how conflicts lead people to be defensive and try to prove that they are right over the other person thus promoting hostile feelings. I know that conflict situations are necessary and can result in personal growth and relational growth. For this reason, I do not avoid them and willingly partake in them when necessary. I am not the kind of person that thrives on confrontation and therefore seeks it out. I would not consider myself comfortable within conflict because I usually feel more pressure than in casual conversation and commit speaking errors that weaken my argument. I have had positive encounters result from conflicts and it does feel good when you can fully present your point of view. An example of a specific time this occurred is when my friend who usually only sticks to his own beliefs and opinions, even on the most trivial of subjects, saw my view point and changed his mind to agree with me. It was a very satisfying exchange. I know many people who are, comparatively, much more uncomfortable in conflict and do not see any benefits. Because of this perspective, I consider myself in the middle of the conflict comfort level …show more content…
I stand up for myself and others when they are unrightfully attacked; however, I never go looking for confrontation. I know how to present myself in a confident manner. I never want to look entirely spineless. I know how to be non-assertive and occasionally choose it over being assertive when I feel it is more socially pleasing. I try to be easy going in most situations, especially if others have strong opinions on a subject and I do not. I generally do not get along well with people who are overly aggressive. I only resort to acting aggressively when it is entirely necessary. I think that generally the person someone is disputing with is not their enemy so an extremely aggressive reaction is over the top and unnecessary. Being aggressive in many cases destroys the chance of coming to a civil agreement. Any two people could agree on something and share common ground. Aggressive reactions occur much less frequently when someone makes the choice to try to see things from the other person’s perspective. Overall, I think that assertive responses are the best fit for almost every

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