I Had Never Much About Marriage Myself Essay

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I had never thought much about marriage myself. When my stepmother’s daughters were almost the age to wed, their talks of courtships, proposals, and engagements filled our house. My stepmother, presumably, spent the years grooming her daughters for their inevitable marriage. Doubtful, I believed, that she dared prepare them for motherhood, but instead she certainly prepared them, if unconsciously by her demonstration, for wicked stepmotherhood. Not just any husband would suffice for the two; their mother adamantly advocated that they marry a man of means, great means in fact. Their potential husbands needed to be those who could lavish them in a state of perpetual luxury, far from the wretched squalor of where they presently resided, the place which was the only home I had ever known, and like would ever know.

When I realized that I could rid myself of this wretched lot of ungrateful women at last, I eagerly devoted myself to the task of matchmaking in addition to my regular chores. I inquired of the milkman and messenger of any news regarding eligible bachelors every chance that I was able. I was not concerned in the least regarding trivial and vain attributes such as their age or appearance for if they wanted affluent gentleman partners, who should care if they were ugly and old so long as they were wealthy? I was, however, careful not to disclose to the town messenger that Drew in addition to Anya was seeking a husband so as not to strain our acquaintanceship. I…

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