I Had Been Speculating For Years Now Essay

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I cut my hair!

I had been speculating for years now. So I finally did it!

So why did I cut it??

To be honest, I just woke up one day and decide against relaxing my new growth. I haven 't relaxed my hair in 5 months and the hair really grew!!
What really made me choose to cut it was just the thought of having short hair and being able to enjoy it.

Past experiences with short natural hair:

When I was a child in Nigeria, I 'm sure my hair was cut short, and it was probably because my mom was over it, but I SURE didn 't mind. I remember the teeny tiny puff which grew into 2 giant puff balls. I remember the rubber thread used to make my hair, separated in sections. They hurt so much and I really hated them. Actually anything involving an African woman touching my head brings headache and face-lift memories. I happen to have a very sensitive scalp and I have learnt that beauty hurts. (But not all the time)
High School
I cut my hair twice. And when I say cut, I mean a REALLY low cut. One lower than the ones in the pictures below. I cut it once in my freshman year and the other in my junior year. Back then, it wasn 't okay to be natural and proud. I loved my curls and I made sure it was always soft, shiny and curly. Others didn 't like it and I got bullied a lot for it. People would take pictures or try to touch my hair.
As my hair grew longer I decided to relax it due to the horrible treatment faced in high school and because being natural was not yet accepted as a…

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