Mulan Stereotypes

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Sometimes society expects to see men and women take on certain gender roles. When they try to break free of these roles things can become complicated. Some expectation can hold a person back from being who they are. While other roles may leave a person feeling guilty for trying to be more than what society say they should be. Many times going against the grain is the only way they can express their self. Three movies that explore these concepts are: I Don’t Know How She Does It, Mulan and North Country.
I Don’t Know How She Does It explores gender roles for working men and women. The movie also addresses stereotypes about working moms. The movie starts of the Kate feeling the need to bake a dish for her daughter bake sale. She feels the need
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The main dilemma faced by Mulan is to bring honor to her family. For the women of the town find the perfect mate was the way to bring honor. The men of the village could go off and fight in war to bring honor to their family. Due to Mulan not passing the mate test she is not able to find a husband. A test that includes pouring tea probably and answering question about marriage. All things they felt that women should know how to do. Mulan feels as though she is not cut out for the path set in front of her. She also thinks that being herself would not satisfy her family. Upon Mulan speaking up against her father going off to fight in war she is scolded. Her father is told to teach her some manners when in a man presence. Throughout the movie the theme is for Mulan to know her place, her place as a female. Setting out to prove her self and gain honor for her family Mulan take her father place in the impending war. Though her place was at home Mulan took a risk a when against the stereotypes. However Mulan’s father knew her place was at home and if discovered she would be killed. Imitating a male solider Mulan enters the army camp. Once inside the camp Mulan tries to fit in by walking and talking like a man. When other men confront her she engage in stereotypical male activity by fighting and spitting. Mulan manages to save the captain and her fellow warriors. By doing so she is wounded and must be …show more content…
In the movie coal mining is seen as a mans job. The women felt like they had to be men and not complain. The miners felt like mining is dirty work and women wouldn’t like getting dirty. Working at the mine with her father every time he saw her he gave her a look of disguise and disapproval. The nonverbal communication between the whole family said there were problems but they wouldn’t talk. The mother looked as though she sided with the daughter but didn’t want to go against her husband. Men thought it was funny to play cruel jokes on the women because they didn’t belong. However when asked if they would do the same to their wife or mother or daughter would they do the same silence. When Josie complained to the corporate office she was send as being emotional and offered to resign. By speacking up Josie was seen as steering up problems for the company and ralling the female workers. The corporate office was very bias against the females employees. Thought Josie was looking to make working conditions better for everyone even the women started to turn against her. When Josie attempted to sit at the table with her they turned abway from

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