I Don 't Like It Essay example

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It was now the beginning of spring, and that meant that it was almost time for the spring show. It happened at the beginning of May every year, and it always had the dance majors rushing to finish their pieces.

"Anna, what about..." Louis scribbled something down in his notebook for her to look at. "This?"

She read it over, and tried to figure out what me meant. As she did it, she marked it in her head before she went out to show him what she had interpreted. "Like that?"

"No, actually..." Louis thought deeply. Although she had executed his image perfectly, he just didn 't like it. Well, that was an understatement. He actually hated it. He couldn 't think of why he would ever think of that. "Um... No. I don 't like it."

"Yeah, me either." They laughed together. "This is the only piece we have left to finish, Louis. The show is in 2 months, and we 've already finished everything. I 'm proud of us."

"Yeah, most everyone has just started their first piece. We 're doing good." He smiled, but not at her. He was smiling at Harry, who had just walked by the window. Harry didn 't see him, he probably forgot that this was when Louis was in the studio, but whatever. Louis would see him in a few minutes anyway.

He started to think about the other day, when Harry had told him that he loved him. Nobody had really said that to him in the recent past, besides Zayn, so it was weird. It was strange to him that someone 's voice other than Zayn 's had said the word "love" about him. He…

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