I Didn 't Commit Suicide Essay

1118 Words Sep 27th, 2016 5 Pages
You’re the Girl Who Over the past 13 months, my life has changed dramatically. On August 25th, 2015, my best friend committed suicide. It was a complete shock to everyone and left many people devastated, including myself. From that day forward, I was known as “the girl whose best friend killed herself.” I didn’t commit suicide, so why was I being labeled as so? When it comes to stereotypes and labels, it is extremely common to be judged by who you hang out with, opposed to who you are as an individual. With suicide in particular, things such as “depression” and “shame” are associated with such a horrible tragedy. Unfortunately, this is the case among many different subjects, and it affects nearly everyone. People are being stereotyped and labeled every day, some good and some bad. Some argue it is human nature, others believe it’s a learned behavior. Either way, these labels can be hurtful and affect people for the rest of their lives. A major key to understanding labels is to interpret why we create them in the first place. For the sake of simplicity, people tend to group things together. First impressions stick in our minds and that is how we identify people. You are more likely to remember physical attributes rather than a name. For example, if you were asked to describe a girl in your English class you may say she has blonde hair and blue eyes, which automatically makes you think she may be stuck up, or a “dumb blonde”. More than likely your natural response is going…

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