I Could Picture The Earth Essay

1563 Words Nov 15th, 2016 7 Pages
I could picture the Earth in my head. The blues of water, greens of vegetation, and whites of clouds, all the essentials of life swirling together as if left by brush strokes. I had been seeing it since my first earth science class in elementary school, glaring out at me from textbooks as if demanding an answer. How could you do this? The question reverberated in my head, the dull ache of cognitive dissonance setting in as I peered out the window. I didn’t have an answer. None of us did. That’s why we’re here, I thought to myself, because we couldn’t find an answer. Unable to bear the sight, I pulled my eyes away from the window and let my head loll back against the cool pleather of my seat, hoping that I might just be granted a brief reprieve from the guilt that I’d been feeling since the launch date had been announced. The announcement had been met with feverish celebration. Effervescent excitement bubbled up all over the air waves, dominating the news outlets for months. They had finally done it; they had finally found another mosaic of life just like the one I could picture so clearly on the pages of my textbook-- they had found us another home. Quickly dubbed New Earth by the talking heads, the planet was comparable to our own in its distance from its star and came complete with water, vegetation, and what the scientists called a “workable” atmosphere. I couldn’t help but feel resentment towards all those that filled the street, chanting jubilant hymns and saying…

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