I Chose The Topic Of Texting Is Good For The English Language By David Crystal

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David Crystal is a professor of linguistics who have 30 years of experience and he is an expert in development of English language. Also he is a lecturer who lectures about faced problems in language and any other question related to English language. A lot of his videos are in YouTube ( David Crystal at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, David Crystal – Will English Always be the Global Language, Academic English – Prof. David Crystal on standard vs non-standard English etc.) . I chose the topic “Texting is good for the English language By David Crystal”. In this context (David Crystal on Texting (S1E2 of It’s Only a Theory)), Professor Crystal is in TV program that is very similar to talk show and name of the TV program is It’s Only a Theory. How the TV program goes is, a person or team will bring well developed theory to the show, explain their theories with entertainment, conviction and passion also they have to state their hypothesis strongly. If the person or team did well on stating, the theory will be approved by judges and anchorman. At the first moment he sat on chair on the stage of TV program, he introduced himself and his background with passion. Then he started to explain his theory by stating 5 incorrectness of people’s thoughts on texting. After that he showed his facts which are denies all wrong thoughts of people. Therefore, he explained how texting is influencing English language in a good way by using strong idea. And I want to name this 3…

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