I Chose Honey Bee For Our Project Essay

1177 Words May 26th, 2016 5 Pages
I chose Honey Bee for our project because I recently watched the Bee Movie, and from that movie I got into thinking if what the writers of the movie are really true about bees. Also recently when I was in the restroom washing my hands there was a bee came in and started flying, so I smacked it and it died. Since I was bored that time, I tried to dissect it, but I did not know what each of parts’ purpose. And since all bees are important to all living things because of its pollute will affect the productions of flowers, plants and livestock 's like vegetables and fruits that will be consume by animals and humans. In this paper, Honey bees will be discuss as what are honey bees, how it interact with humans, how the consequences of the interaction with humans, and what is the future of this interactions. Honey Bees, also called Apis Mellifera Linnaeus, are one of the five species of Apis. Recently in Malaysia, a fossilized honey bee comb was discovered which was found to be dating from the late Tertiary period or early Quaternary period. This dating implies the earlier origin of the genus. There are actually two types of honey bees species, the A. mellifera and the A. cerana. But all types of honey bees are only (10-11mm) which is a medium sized compared to the other types of bees. This size is a relatively large enough insect that have an abundant demand for food; for both itself and its colony which acquire its food from flower blossoms. Honey Bees live in colonies with…

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