I Born And Raised Over India Essay

1901 Words Apr 11th, 2016 null Page
I born and raised over India. I am a third child of my family. While I was turned two years old and my uncle decided to do my file that way I can immigrant here in United State of America, so he did send my file to the immigration offices. I never know about that though. I was really friendly and outspoken person, started growing up with my awesome siblings, and my neighbor’s friends. It’s not only it; I was also very intelligent and hard working student as well. During the school times I had awesome friends and even all teachers were so friendly to me due to I was doing homework on time, always number one in school exams. Every summer vacations visit so many historical places like; Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Udaipur, Rajasthan, and of course grandma’s house. Time has passed and I never realized that I was turned sixteen year old. One of a morning, my parents came up to me and told me that our files has open, we have to get ready to leave from here. I was so shocked, told my parents why? My mom explained to me that, uncle did files for us while I was two years old, that way we can move to other country. I wasn’t happy about that because Immigrant from one country to another it’s a very hard thing to do.
I started questing myself that, it’s going to be huge problem to leave the country, not only that my friends, school, and other family that I known. What am going to do if I leave from my home that all memories from my childhood. My stuffs that I collected like; different countries…

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