I Became An Engineer Of Charge At Mother Merry Shipping Line Ltd.

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After completing my graduation I joined as an Engineer in charge in Mother Merry Shipping Line LTD. There I got the opportunity to utilize my theoretical knowledge in practical works like repairing & maintenance of ships, installing navigation equipment & supplying safety and fire fighting equipment. I started my primary education in an ordinary school of my village. As I was not accustomed to urban life and my parents were engaged in private jobs so I managed very ordinary results in 6th to 8th grade after getting admitted to one of the best schools of the country. But at 9th grade when I became familiar with physics, chemistry and math, I gradually promoted myself in the midst of top level students of my school. In my family, most of my cousins and uncles are engineers. At an early age, I visited several heavy industries with my cousins where I had seen blast furnace, distillation equipments, water treatment plant and those small visits laid the platform in my mind to be an engineer. My family members also acted as catalyst to build up my career in engineering.
I chose NAVAL ARCHTECTURE & MARINE ENGINEERING as my undergraduate major because this department provides huge diversified subjects. My department 's course curriculum focuses not only on ship designing and ship construction but also covers core subject of Mechanical Engineering like Fluid Mechanics, Structure of Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, FEM, Vibration Analysis, CFD, Heat Transfer, material…

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