Essay on I Am Staff Sergeant Eric Duty

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While in the U.S Army, I have encountered many leaders. When I reminisce on the past and try to remember all of the different leaders I have encountered, I realize they have all influenced my life in different ways. Although some of the leaders have made bad impressions, most have influenced my life positively. Throughout the years I have been in the U.S Army, one particular leader has helped me develop into the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) I am today. I am Staff Sergeant Eric Duty and I would not be the professional I am today without SGT Buchan’s leadership. When I joined the U.S Army, I was not aware of what was in my future. Once I arrived at Fort Benning, GA for Basic Training, I noticed that most of the NCO’s were just yelling a lot. As an eighteen-year-old Private (PVT) straight out of high school, I did not know how a good leader was supposed to act. Furthermore, After Basic Training, I went to Schofield Barrack, HI, which was my first duty station and I expected the yelling to continue. The first person I met upon my arrival was a Sergeant (SGT) Buchan. SGT Buchan was very helpful in getting me settled into a barracks room and explaining to me what I needed to do. SGT Buchan was not what I was expecting after arriving. My first impression of SGT Buchan was that she was very nice and seemed to be genuinely interested in who I was and what my future goals were.
An important section of the NCO Creed states, “My two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in…

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