I Am Legend Symbolism

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I Am Legend “There is a great deal of human nature in people,” stated Mark Twain. Human nature is found among every person on the planet. In the novel, I Am Legend, Matheson taps into an intuitive understanding of human nature. The word instinct according to Cosmides and Tooby, “was used to refer (roughly) to specialized neural circuit that are common to every member of a species and are the product of that species’ evolutionary history.” This statement sums up what human nature is in technical terms. Instinct or human nature drives what every person does, so anyone can guess what anybody else is going to do before they do it. When a human child is deprived of any human contact, the child might not know how to speak, write, or do anything …show more content…
According to Matias (315):
I Am Legend offers a speculative account of what happens when basic needs are suppressed. Matheson portrays the struggles of a man completely cut off from fellow human beings and trapped in a severely threatening environment.
Since Neville was the only known human alive, he suppressed his need of being around people. The female vampires would also go around naked to try to lure him out of his house because of the basic need to be with someone of the opposite gender and intimate. There is also the need to have the support of others, and to support others. Being around other humans in society makes humans more human. Neville got used to killing to protect himself but at the beginning of the novel it made him sick to think about it. In the past, he would not have been able to even do it when his family was still alive.
Art is important to express ones self and to be connected to something. Mathias (321)
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Thus, Matheson affirms the value of sociality, and at the same time voices his ambivalence toward other people (as potential companions and potential threats) and also his own culture of conformity, in which the individualist-so often the protagonist of Matheson’s fiction-can never truly fit in.
The way Matheson used the point of view to know what Neville was thinking allowed me to relate better to what was happening, since there were feelings to relate to and it was not a guessing game as to what he was thinking. When he was debating what to do with Ruth, with either killing her right then and there or just testing her blood for the virus. Since he had not been around people in so long, he could not hide what he was thinking and feeling on his face in front of Ruth, which is what she calls him out for since she knew he was thinking about just getting rid of her. One of his first reactions to her after she woke up was to not trust her since her story was not adding up as she divulged information about herself, and the way she reacted to different things like the vampires outside his

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