I Am Legend Analysis

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Matheson uses the vampires in his book to prove how Americans are self-centered with regard to being civilized by showing how the vampires are minorities and uncivilized. I am Legend takes place in the 1970’s, which is around the civil rights movement, which means that blacks were being depicted as vampires to represent a minority in light of the Americans view. While Neville is the last human on earth, whom doesn’t see himself as a minority, but sees the vampires as a minority and a threat to his culture and way of living. For example, “Vampires are prejudiced against…But are his needs any more shocking than the needs of other animals and men?” (Matheson 20). Whenever Neville decides to drink heavily, it allows for Matheson’s own personal …show more content…
Furthermore, Margaret Carter who wrote the book The Vampire in Literature, explains how the vampire is so interesting and how the vampire can be depicted as a race, specific person, or even a culture. She states that “The vampire is a fascinating poetic manifestation of the occult, inextricably woven in strands of mystery, terror, and fantasy” (Carter 17).This quote is important because it shows how writers use vampires to analyze themes in society such as monstrosity, racism, civilization, and gender. Looking back on vampires being depicted as minorities, Patterson says “Thanks largely to the lasting impact of slavery and its attendant prejudices, the Black African in this context is constructed as a monstrous Other that threatens the dominant culture” (Patterson 1). This quote is saying that in Richard Matheson’s novel, I am Legend, the Americans view other cultures and societies (blacks) as a threat because America can’t segregate itself from the others. This relates to “I am Legend” because it analyzes the importance of minorities in America by relating vampires to

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