I Am Known As The Serial Killer Essays

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In a little southern town called Nashville, GA I am known as the serial killer. This name came to mention many years ago when I committed my first murder of a very well-known community thief. His name was Mr. Buck. This story unfolded on a cold winter night in the little town. Mr. Buck was a known homeless “creature” as some would call him. Mr. Buck and I had multiple run-ins with each other once I caught him on camera stealing from my farm. Although I let his stealing slip for a few weeks, one day I decided to end his life forever. Mr. Buck was always a very mischievous, sneaky fellow. He knew his way around this town very well. He was known to go around from place to place stealing innocent people’s corn from their farm. After many nights of seeing him on my surveillance camera, I decided that the hunt was on. I devoted many hours of my time to go out and try and scour him up out of the woods. I used all kinds of bait trying to lure him out, but none of them ever seemed to work. It was Halloween night when my brother and I decided to go sit at the farm and see if we could catch the thief red handed. I made a decision this night that drastically changed both mine and MR. Buck’s life’s forever. After a few hours of sitting patiently the sun started to set. This is the time the thievery usually starts to take place in this town. Also, this is most often when we caught Mr. Buck on our surveillance cameras trying to rob us out of our corn that we had worked very hard for. It…

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