Perseverance In The Call Of The Wild

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Switching life styles or even a small change can cause many new traits and you have to desire much perseverance.During The Call Of The Wild Buck was taken out of his lovely home and had to work much harder, he did not have a choice and got hurt physically a lot. In Contrast my dad switched jobs and had to learn how to control his new life and find time for everything, without getting too stressed. While my Dad and Buck are very different, there experience are kinda the same. They had to learn new skills to succeed at their jobs and had to apply skills of perseverance.Everyone in life including animals has or will go through a time where they have to persevere and it will teach you many different important life skills and traits to help you get through the intense time.

During The Call of The Wild,Buck was taken out of his laid back loving home and had to restart his life and work very hard. Buck switched from his lovely home in the hot california to the cold rough canada. As soon as he got to the Man in the red Sweater, he got beaten
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Switching life styles or even just a major job change can cause you to persevere through the hard time.While buck and my dad shared going through a hard time and having to learn many life skills to deal with this time. Buck and my dad both got through the time and used people to help them.however, my dad and buck are really different in many ways. Buck went through more physical pain and my dad went through more mental stress.I think that perseverance is something everyone even a dog will or have gone through and you learn many things from it. You have a hard time during that period but it gets better. As you can see buck finally got to go to where he loved after a hard time and my dad got a great business, he is still working there today. Even during the rough patches you have to stay positive and everything will work

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