I Am Furthering My Establishment Within My Internship Essay

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As I am furthering my establishment within my internship, I begin to familiarize myself among many of the clients within my internship. Each client has his or her own different diagnoses and that were approached differently by many of the interns and clinicians. Throughout my few months within the Outreach Center there is a particular client that grasp my attention, this client would show behaviors that are different from most of the clients there. This client would have much struggle with building and sustaining relationships with peers and staff, this particular client has a high frustration level which would ultimately get out of hand to a point where the client would have to be restrained by three or four staff members. This client was attending alternative school in my first couple of days into my internship, he would be very disruptive because he believed that everyone was out to get him or things that would not go his way he would believe that the teachers or staff were destined to push him towards failure. So the alternative school believed that it was best for the client to have at home schooling which was provided with his own teacher and a clinician would be present in the room to be of assistance when the client may get out of hand.
Certain behavior that I was able to identify with the time I spent with him were aggressive, domineering, argumentative, impulsive, volatile, and inconsiderate. This particular client was difficult to handle within a…

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