I Am Faced With A Critical Incident Essay

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When I am faced with a critical incident some patterns that I see are, my ability to take a step back to organize myself, while also keeping my breathing in check. Since the first mindfulness practice, I have improved my ability to talk myself through these incidences so I can focus on what I need to do and have built more confidence in my skills. However, I still get flustered and frustrated when faced with difficult situations for example, not being able to draw up the medication. I just stopped, took a breath and focused on my task and when I was still unsuccessful, I turned to help which provided me with more knowledge of how to draw up the medication for next time. My intersectionality has changed since I have increase in my ability, which has improved my confidence, and I do not feel so oppressed and worthless (Doane & Varcoe, 2015). I have an opinion and a voice and they do matter as seen in when I helped another student removing staples. I am able to calm myself down and not get so worked up, since there is help all around me, I just need to ask for it. My internal monologue has also increased from the last mindfulness since my ability and confidence has grown. Although, my internal monologue is still a little bit negative, I am able to stop those negative thoughts and spin them into a more positive view so I can increase my effectiveness. I have become more comfortable in the hospital setting, which has helped me become less nervous thus, improved my situational…

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