My Influences On My Life

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Prompt #1
I was born on June of 1998 in Lynwood, California to an 18 year old woman who had to work and go to college to give me a good future. I am the daughter of a US citizen mother and an immigrant father. Where my first language at home was Spanish and then came English. I am a proud Catholic Mexican young lady who was taught that family comes first and to never forget that I am lucky to have a family who cares about me. All my life I was told to work hard and become someone in life, to create for myself a bright future. I was born into a family were struggle and sacrifice has been their way of living but having a warm meal every day for diner was their number one priority. During my early high school years I never really acknowledged
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At first my mother had help from our family, but now she has a stable job as an assistant nurse, but still tries to be an attentive mother who listens to our needs. I had to become the responsible big sister who helps with their homework, makes breakfast, and makes sure their ready for school. While doing this I myself forgot about my duties I had at school and fell behind in some classes. Junior year came around and I understood that college was the best way of bettering my family’s life and my own. I decided to challenge myself and prepare myself for college both mentally and emotionally. I took AP courses and joined clubs. Now a senior in high school I’ve decided to attend college and major in Psychology because the human emotion interest me and I want to help understand people’s problems. The struggle’s in my life have made me stronger and have taught me that in order to succeed in life I must first grow up and understand that nothing comes without sacrifice and hard work. My world- my experiences have shaped me to become the student and young lady I am now, confident and determined to be someone in life and be the daughter and granddaughter to whom …show more content…
The one quality and accomplishment I am most proud of would be that of having a good attitude and a smart mind to make the right choices in education and in life. The accomplishment of being able to have the ability to choose correctly and follow the right path. To have the ability to think before I act and to choose what’s best for me and my future. I have had the capacity and intelligence to want to exceed past the turmoil’s of my life and secure for myself a bright future. I am capable of being the first member in my family to attend college with a positive mind set of what I want to become in life and how I want to live life. I am proud of myself for not being one of thousands of girls who make wrong decisions and ruin or sacrifice their chance to accomplish their dreams and have anything and everything they want in life. This is my greatest quality to be able to have an education and have everything my parents couldn’t. Of course I know this will take time and dedication, but I know that with the support of my family and my persistence to finish my career I will be able to make my family and friends proud of the woman I am yet to become. I know that with my ability to think clearly and see my future I will be able to succeed all throughout college and adulthood. If I continue to use my good judgement and keep on the right path I will

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