I Am Born And Raised Essay example

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I was born and raised in San Antonio. I joined the Air Force 09 October, 2007. My parents worked hard, my mother cleaned commercial buildings for a living, and my father worked at Union Pacific repairing rail road tracks. His work day would consist of 14-16 hours a day six days a week and he did this for over 35 years. In my neighborhood I looked up to the people around me, because my parents were always working and if they weren 't working they were exhausted to do anything else. Growing up on the west side I witnessed drugs, violence, and a police presence that was normal to me, I felt this mature me at an early age and taught me a lot. I grew up in a house located near Callaghan and Culebra. My neighborhood is low class with very few families that reach middle class and Spanish is a first language for many families. My family continued to live in the same house for the past 30 years and still present there to this day. Most of the houses were built in the 60 's and to this day they still remain there holding strong. I am the youngest of 4 children. My father raised my two older siblings from my mother 's previous marriage. I always saw them as my brothers and never looked at them different. When my brothers and I needed anything we always had it, when then new Nintendo games came out we were the first in the neighborhood and we were always dressed with named brand clothes it was rare to see any other kids like us. Even though my family lived in a…

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