I Am An Atheist And Religion Essay

1363 Words Jul 13th, 2015 null Page
Everyone likes to think they are this unique person and no one has or will ever be like them. That is very much not the case. Like 50% of this world, I am male, and like a good amount of the population, I am white. I am 21 years of age in the United States and I am 22 years of age in Korea because of cultural differences. However, I identify myself as a much older person than I really am. I personally think of myself as a 30 year old trapped in a younger person’s body because I was forced to grow up at a very young age. There has been no beating around the bush in this lifetime, just work and effort to get where I want to get. This has been easy for me because I am an atheist and religion has not been distracting. Where religion has helped many people and continues to help them every day, religion was not an option for me.
The identity that I most importantly identify with is the fact that I am a white male. The method of studying this identity is the interpretive approach. This approach uses observable characteristics to describe an individual. There is not much to observe in order to see that I am a white male, but perhaps the characteristics of my personality as a white male may need a little more attention. I am a nice individual and I think of myself as no better or worse as someone else just because the color of their skin. The characteristics that go along with being white though, such as coming from a privileged and wealthy area, may show through. Those are just the…

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