I Am About My Uncle Essay

1002 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 null Page
This story is going to be about my Uncle. Growing up in my time was not easy but I did have fun and enjoy myself because of the friends I had. In Highschool I was that cool and relax person. I didn’t always like to be in the way and get in trouble because if I get in trouble in school I get in trouble at home too. After school I would get my work done at the library because that’s where all the girls was at and I would ask for help which they did do. After getting my work done I would go an hang out with my friends go many places. One places I remember going is to my high school basketball games. And yes when I walk in all the girls was looking cute and you know I was the lady men nephew! I just don’t know what it was to make the ladies be so excited because all I would say is what’s up and you look cute. And it was always that one guy that didn’t like you talking to they “Girl” or suppose to be girlfriend. But the way I look at it is that we just talking having conversation that’s it. I was real focus in school didn’t have time to playing around because I had job that made good money during my junior year that kept me foucing in school. When the summer came my friends and I would alway play basketball around the corner and wouldn’t leave till it was dark because of some many games we would play up there. When I went to college I had to do everything on my own because I was far from home and only had one of my roommates that was my friend. One thing I remember was coming…

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