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I am a writer. I have been as long as I can remember. Looking back upon my life… I chose to journal through the tough times and record special events upon the page. I get immersed in my words as I create. I experience great joy when I write and find that I lose all sense of time. With that said, I appreciate how this class has broadened my awareness of the contribution and influence creative writing has on the world.

What I take away from this class is a new found appreciation for poetry. I have always hated poetry. I considered it confusing and trivial. I surprised myself at my ability to dig deep and tap into my emotions in poetry form. I had never liked poetry, except for a few greats, (Elizabeth Barrett Browning 's, ‘How Do I Love Thee” and Clement Clarke Moore’s, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’). I was shocked that I found this section my favorite. There was so much to learn about the diverse types of poetry and the affects it can have on the reader.

I am fascinated by found poems. I am surprised that these types of poems can be effective in a couple short lines. Everyone in the class seemed to nail them. They were fun and to the point. Even my ‘Shit Happens’ poem received rave reviews!

Shit Happens… by Dawn Saul
Oops, an unexpected mishap...
Brings stress and sorrow with the crap.

It was very informative to learn, practice and grow within the field of poetry. I also enjoyed the Imagery poem. Imagery poems allow the writer to create worlds with words.…

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