I Am A Terrible Writer Essay

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I cannot believe that is has already been four weeks—four weeks of constant arduous work that keeps expanding my mind in dimensions I have never sought for before. This past week, it was the dimension of speech writing, the layer I have never thought I would be able to achieve because I am a terrible writer… Initially, I planned on writing about slavery as if I lived in the 19th century as a slave owner coming to a realization of how slaves impede the growth of this country morally. However, that never happened because a new idea popped up- “The Man in The Mirror.” At the very origin of the idea, all I wanted to write about was how discrimination is an issue that is like a record stuck on replay with no one wanted to solve the issue, and if we want that to change, we must start with ourselves, the image in the mirror. As I met with you, Tram and Martha, many more ideas came about. I started developing stories both about myself and Kenny to show how this issue had affected us and that it has the potential to affect every persons in every corner of the globe. This eventually led to my ultimate speech, which I thought was able to take the audience in paths they have never thought about before. In the beginning, I started off with a few lines from Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror.” I specifically chose “I’m starting with the man in the mirror and I’m asking him to change his ways, no message could have been any clearer, if you want to make the world a…

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