Essay on I Am A Person As A Great Communicator

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Kim Collins. Daughter, Mother, Sister, Friend and great communicator! When you think of why someone would choose a person as a great communicator, there are an inordinate amount of qualities to choose from. Those qualities do serve as part of the reason I chose my friend Kim but they only serve as part of the bigger picture. I’ve known her for over ten years and her understanding of communication never ceases to amaze me. I chose her simply because she has an understanding that surpasses the standard rubric of communication.
Just recently I was talking with Kimberly over the phone and we were discussing the current Presidential election and each candidate’s views. While discussing this topic with me, it stayed on the level of which it was discussed in the media. We used words like reform, subsidize, policy, etc. Being the great mother that she is, she likes to keep her thirteen-year-old daughter involved in what’s going on in the election. She proceeds to pull her daughter into the conversation and begins to repeat the conversation to her daughter. It was communicated quite differently, not only was the terminology different but the pace and tone in which it was delivered differed as well. Instead of using the same words that we had used, she instead used words such as change, support, and plan. Words her daughter could easily interpret. The tone was more somber and the pace wasn’t as rapid; she slowed it down just enough to ensure her daughter had time to…

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