I Am A Native American Essay

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I am a Native American. No. I am not Cherokee. Apache? Nope. But close. I am a Navajo. We live in Northeastern Arizona, by the 4 Corners area, where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado meet. The reason I am typing this essay is because I have recently been informed by my U.S. History teacher that I, a FULL blooded NATIVE AMERICAN, am an immigrant. Don’t worry, I almost fell out of my seat from shock, then choked to death by laughter. The idea of Native Americans being immigrants was hysterical. When a child is asked “Who were the first people in America?” they answer “Christopher Columbus”. Kid, Columbo is not a people and Thor is most likely who 1st landed on America, but didn’t document it because he’s all brawn and no brains. Try again. Their next answer infuriates me even more, “Indians”. Yeah, you’re kinds of right, but Indians are from India. It’s usually the third try the child gets it right, “Native Americans”. Yes, thank the lord. Hallelujah. The kid gets it. So, how could my A.P. – emphasis on A.P. – History teacher think Native Americans are immigrants?
Well, it made sense when he asked, “Where did you come from?” In my mind I was when a mommy and daddy love each other very much-, I knew he was going to give me that look that said, “Don’t be a smart ass”. So, I said Mexico. In my head I think about the Aztecs and how close Mexico is to the U.S. I mean it’s just a hop over a really long wanna-be Great Wall fence. That was my logic, but the answer was Asia.…

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