Essay about I Am A Man, My Dream

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Since I was a child, my dream has always been to become a successful lawyer. There was only one problem. Which type of lawyer did I want to be? Usually, people wait until their senior year in college to decide which type of lawyer to become. However, I am a little different. I am the type of person that sets a long-term goal with many short-term goals to aid my success. With this mentality, it drove me crazy when I attempted to discover which type of law was right for me. As a freshman at Manning High School, I knew that it was time to pick my final decision on which type of lawyer would be best for me. I studied for days. I researched every type of law that there was to practice. After weeks of deliberation, I decided to place my thought process on hold. I realized that I could not base my future on just research, I had to feel it in my heart also. One day I stumbled across a high school organization. I knew this was the organization for me the minute that I read the name. “FBLA: Future Business Leaders of America” was the name on the wall. I looked a little harder and glimpsed the motto, “Progress, Service, and Education.” At that moment, the bells rang in my head that this is what I want to do. Following through with my gut feeling, I joined FBLA. My participation in this organization has opened many doors in front of my face. I have attended business conventions among students in my district, state, and even students from all over the nation. In order to compete in…

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