I Am A Good Friend Essay

794 Words Feb 11th, 2016 4 Pages
This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. How do you convince people to be excited in you if you don 't even like yourself? I have made many mistakes and sure, I have done good things, I do well in school, I help people, I am a good friend but, to me, my failures are more of who I am than anything else. The entire time I have spent in college I 've tried to make up for the lost time and mistakes of the past. While I 've done well in most of my classes thus far, it’s a stark contrast to what I had done in high school.
Everyone spends their childhood coming to understanding the world. Learning who and what they are, we come to be comfortable with the norm, and rely on it to guide us through times of change. A month before I started high school I suffered an immense loss. Besides having to get used to a different learning system, new people, and unfamiliar learning spaces I had lost nearly all of my support. I was depressed and made the purposeful effort to secluded myself. I spent most of my time skipping classes, and in my room. For several long years I surrounded myself with bad influences, became lethargic, and didn’t care about the future I was setting myself up for. I was lost. When my senior year came around I wasn’t ready to graduate, or even get myself out of the rut I had become so familiar with. Instead of continuing, I quit. I wasn’t ready to change. For a while I kept confined to the new norm, my rut.
I know I am not cultured. Instead of traveling the…

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