I Am A General Surgeon Essay

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The career I chose to research, that I had in mind when entering college, was a general surgeon. I chose this career because I have been interested in entering the medical field since I was around fifteen or sixteen years old. Also, my mother has been in the medical field for a while, and she influenced me to join as well. With my career, I achieve to master what I do, help others physically and mentally, and make a difference around the world if I decide to travel with my job.
General surgeons don’t just perform simple surgeries all day long. Since a general surgeon usually focuses on different types of surgeries and their parts, such as cardiovascular, plastic surgery, brain surgery, and more, their job tasks vary. For example, general surgeons may analyze an x-ray, diagnose different injuries or diseases, perform examinations for the patient, determine what type of surgery is needed for the patient, schedule operations, take part in research studies, and much more. Along with these tasks, they are responsible for educating the patients and their families on risks, benefits, and follows up to the surgery. The workload of a general surgeon is quite a bit, especially since they work in hospitals–which are very busy and productive all the time. This profession requires long, irregular hours–due to the fact that this profession is one of the best-paying in health care. General surgeons tend shifts longer than twelve hours and spend hours on their feet.
According to PayScale,…

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