I Am A Doll - Original Writing Essay

754 Words Sep 29th, 2016 4 Pages
As a young girl, I spent the vast majority of my time sequestered in my room with my dolls. They helped me to escape my reality. They listened to me without judgement and gave voice to the conversations that I desperately wanted to have but could not. I remember vividly wanting a Barbie that had brown hair and green eyes. I wanted a doll that represented me, one that looked like me or at least seemed like the person I wanted to grow up to be. I don’t remember my age when I saw my first "black" baby doll, but I do remember my mother’s reaction to it. I thought the baby was beautiful and could not comprehend her aversion to the doll. It was after all just a doll. I was naive enough at that point to see the toy through the eyes of a little black girl and was quite jealous that they could have dolls with their skin color, eye color, and dark curly hair. My exposure to other ethnicities had been very minimal, so I failed to see the nuances of skin tone and hair types. Now, however, I have to wonder how many little black girls looked at those dolls and thought as I did if they can make that doll why can’t they make one that looks like me? Growing up my exposure to what would be considered normal children’s programming was minimal. In a way, I see now, that this added in my being a social outcast. I wasn’t allowed to watch most of the programs that peers were watching. I didn’t listen to the same types of music they did. As such I had little to nothing in common with…

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