I Am A Doctor Of Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Essay

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I always knew that I wanted to be a doctor. It was the decision I never thought I would regret. I completed my General Psychiatry residency training at University of Hawaii and decided to go into Geriatric Psychiatry fellowship because of my special affinity with elderly and my interest in the integration of both Medicine and Psychiatry was appealing to my intellectual challenge. Since I complete my training, I have been practicing in varieties of setting. To satisfy my Visa requirement, I spent 3 years working with the chronically mentally ill homeless patients both as an outpatient psychiatrist and also worked with them as part of the case management teams. That was my first opportunity to learn about how much Policy affecting the life of my patients and my ability to help them, whether they would have money to feed themselves, have a place to call their own, or get the helps and treatment they deserve. Fortunately back then, the resources available to them seem to be adequate as long as the patients were willing to do their parts, they would get the helps they needed.

My opportunity to use my Geriatric training started when I was accepted into this prestigious institute in Maryland, Sheppard Pratt Health System, which has been on the list of Top Ten Psychiatric Hospital for the past 24 years. I was one of the attending psychiatrists taking care of Geriatric patients who were admitted to 2 of the inpatient Geriatric units, one of them for patients with major cognitive…

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