I Am A Caucasian, The American Of Multicultural European Caucasian Decent

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I am a Caucasian, over forty, middle class, Christian American female; technically a third generation American of Multicultural European Caucasian decent (I do not find it politically incorrect to label myself Caucasian and will refer to that status as white). Growing up I was called a mutt by my family members for all the different nationalities that I was mixed with; Austrian, Czechoslovakian, Irish, Russian, Lithuanian, Slavic or Polish (not exactly sure). On my mother’s side, my maternal grandmother was Austrian, descendant from a duke (great grandmother’s father); however, I have now come to learn that my maternal grandmother’s father was Czechoslovakian. My maternal grandfather was pure Irish, descendent from Irish immigrants who, like many other Irish, flocked to the US to escape famine and war. My father died when I was three and my mother did not keep in contact with his family. The little I do know about my father’s side is they were middle class business owners of Lithuanian, Slavic and/or Polish decent who resided in Connecticut. My (maternal) family has moved from different levels of the middle class for the past fifty or sixty years, but has not always been the case. My grandparents lived through the great depression and knew what it was like to have nothing. That experience ingrained in my grandmother and her children and the generation after (mine) the value of a dollar and the importance of an education; whether it is a learned skill or a college…

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