I Am A Cancer Epidemiologist And Epidemiology Essay

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I am a cancer epidemiologist and epidemiology methodologist beginning my second year as a tenure track assistant professor in the department of public health. This purpose of this statement is to provide a brief narrative on my background, accomplishments and goals in the three areas of academic evaluation: teaching, research, and service. I will do this by describing my experience and efforts in four interrelated areas of focus in my career: cancer epidemiology, healthcare delivery, electronic health records, and methods for missing data. Throughout, I reference my published, peer-reviewed literature by the corresponding [line item number] on my CV.
Cancer Epidemiology
I have been studying cancer treatment and outcomes since the beginning of my post-baccalaureate career, during which I was a data manager for oncology clinical trials in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for almost 10 years. In this role I learned how to design data collection instruments and database systems for highly controlled trials and became a master in the investigation and resolution of problems associated with “the three C’s of data management”: completeness, consistency, and clarity. During this time I saw many trials from inception to completion, each time delivering a “pristine” database (i.e., free of ambiguities, missing data, inconsistent responses, etc.) to clinical statisticians who then used them to determine safety and efficacy of novel therapeutics. One of my most important…

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