Hypothesis About What Influences Human Mate Choice Essay example

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There are number of hypothesis about what influences human mate choice. In the paper “Chickens prefer beautiful humans”, Ghirlanda, Jansson, and Enquist (2004) claimed that human mate preference is based on discrimination between male and female faces, which leads to a bias in the nervous system. They argued that such bias is not species-specific; therefore, an animal can develop a preference towards one animal above the other, even if it is a member of different specie. To test that, Ghirlanda et al (2004) trained chickens to discriminate between human male and female faces by rewarding them every time they have made a right choice (chicks were trained to prefer male faces, while hens were trained to prefer female faces). In subsequent tests, chickens showed preference similar to those of the university students, as chickens pecked more attractive faces more often than less attractive face. The authors concluded that obtained results mean that “nervous system bias” theory of mate preference has more support over the “mate quality” hypothesis.
In this review, I attempt to discuss Ghirlanda, Jansson, and Enquist (2004) work. I criticize the methodology and argue that the presented study does not show chicken’s preference for beautiful human faces, but in fact shows simple learning. I conclude that the area needs more research, and while the claim about choosing a partner based on experience and bias in the nervous system might be right, the presented research on chicken can…

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